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At East Ardsley Primary Academy our reading curriculum is designed to provide a broad, balanced and exciting reading education that meets the needs of all children and encourages them to become curious, adventurous reading explorers. It aims to foster a love of reading, allowing all children to become literate and fluent in both word reading and the key skills associated with the reading curriculum. In reading we recognise each child as a unique individual. We celebrate and welcome difference in reading interests which mean that pupils will cover a range of enriching texts that evolve with both curriculum content and pupil interests.

The ability to learn to read is underpinned by the teaching of basic skills, knowledge, concepts and reading values. The reading curriculum therefore ensures that there are shared and balanced weekly sessions that explore high quality class texts, differentiated questioning and modelled answers that create academic success, resilience and most importantly a love of reading. We believe that reading is a key skill that is made up of a bank of ever evolving reading skills at its core.

All teaching staff recognise the importance of acknowledging these key reading skills when reading with a child on a one to one basis or as part of a guided reading session and celebrate the use and development of these skills. As a school we endeavour to model a range of these skills over time with clear modelling, annotations and direction that ensure that our readers are able to recognise these skills in a range of contexts and become more resilient and independent readers. The reading programme adopted in school is designed to ensure that that there is clear coherence and continuity between phases and key stages. This means that both pupils and staff will cover a range of enriching and enlivening texts during their time at our school. Children show a love and interest for reading by completing weekly reading journal tasks that build on the key skills taught in school, allowing them to recognise the importance of this new learning outside the school setting as well as illustrating the importance of reading as a tool.

With regards to the early teaching of reading, phonics will be emphasised and taught following a clear progression and assessment of sounds, building on the previous phase and allowing time for revisiting and reviewing. Children who still require the teaching of phonics in later key stages and phases will be provided with the opportunity to develop their phonological awareness through a tailored curriculum and sessions.

Our ultimate aim is to develop a love of reading through regular visits to our school library, sharing books with friends and the succinct teaching of reading and its skills. If children are able to read successfully in a range of curriculum contexts, then we hope that this will in turn lead to success in later life. Reading is a skill that children need throughout their life and it is paramount that we foster this love, curiosity and lay the foundations with these key skills leading to academic success across the whole curriculum. A reading curriculum that is built on a love of reading sets pupils out on a path of discovery, leading to powerful and long lasting conclusions.

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